Carving Creases

by Casper Allen

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alain michaud
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alain michaud beaucoup d’émotions dans sa voix,j’adore le son de sa guitare.
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earl1533 3 listens into this album, I don't have a favorite. Compelling, thoughtful, music that sets the mood of "real life". The life that most people deny its existence, and rarely examine it, but know it's around a dark curve, attic closet, or seedy motel room. Casper is a unique talent, not unlike Tom Waits (until he found circus music) and a bastard son of Charles Bukowski, that said, "Find what you love and let it kill you". Casper don't love it too much...
Pierluc Grégoire
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Pierluc Grégoire album with feeling inside. real feeling.
Darren Smith
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Darren Smith Brilliant album makes me think of American highways and dive bars even though I live in the uk and have never seen either
adam  thumbnail
adam Album sounds incredible. Makes me want to be alone, throw up my feet, and pop open a cold beer. Very rich and captivating...puts me full throttle down memory lane. Favorite track: That's Alright.
Well there were too many people on the pickup crew I heard they canned a few illegals and the foreman too but that's alright cause I got better things to do than makin all this money for you I had a hundred fifty dollars on my final check I bought a bucket of tobacco and a new backpack I said goodbye I hung my thumb out on the interstate to catch an inexpensive ride And I was ridin in the backseat of a minivan until the driver let me out down at the fillin stand he said I smelled, I said oh well Now every car that's passin sees me but they could not give a care in hell So I went walkin down the highway for a couple days Until a sheriff out in Waco said I could not stay He roughed me up He ran my name I said I guess I'll take my chances on the chance to catch a passin train So now I'm gone to Louisiana on an open freight I got my cigarettes and bourbon, it'll be okay It's all okay Well anywhere I hang my hat I only hang it for a couple days
How can you tell a man which way to go? Though there's two lanes on the highway, they both run on the same road Watch yer speed Turn up your radio It's a long way running when you're running out your soles I was once a sunrise just like you Now I ride upon my sunrise turning sunsets into moons Your gaze is true Fixed on the man I knew I've been harder pressed before but I'm just runnin' down my fuse And a man stands alone a man stands alone in his mind I'm no man my face is young But I'll carve patterns in my creases til my wrinkles start to come What darkness in this world defines your light? and who are you to shine it when my dark is burning bright? I see the shadows in ever passing tide It's the wave that makes the break but it's the break that gives it might And a man stands alone a man stands alone in his mind I'm no man -- my face is young But I'll carve patterns in my creases til my wrinkles start to come
Well there's no police in Hollywood and all the streets are rotting wood well I don't believe in accidents but truly pleased by happenstance Well I don't hear anyone Everything is clear Well I saw a girl on slow parade sleeping on the mornin train A fleeting glance, a sober smile a long hello, a short goodbye Well I don't want anything I only disappear No dice roll twice stumble through the years Well mornin' came in San Antone she spoke my name in Espanol The TV glared, the shower moaned she said farewell she had to go Well I don't care where she's gone until she reappears If you see her, tell her I'm here


Recorded over the course of a couple nights to 8-track in Atlanta over drinks and amongst friends.

Cover photo & design by Marissa Shevins

Extended bonus track included with download.


released August 26, 2016

All songs by Casper Allen
Performed by Casper Allen, Steve McPeeks, & Troy King
Produced by Casper Allen & Stiff Penalty
Engineered by Steve McPeeks

Special thanks to Stiff, Troy, Leslie, Marissa, Brent, & Suburban Lou


all rights reserved



Casper Allen Austin, Texas

A Texan, dammit.

Instagram: @lilcaspermane

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